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UNSW Student Hub Library


Students of UNSW now have a flexible, multi-zone learning space.

Following large developments to the library building, our team helped transform Level 9 into a stimulating environment where the contagious energy of scholars can now spark the incredible!

To accommodate diverse working styles, five purpose-built zones were integrated into the hub:

Meeting zones – large team rooms for class discussions and lectures
Personal zones – small glass partitioned areas to accommodate quiet working and independent study
Collaborative zones – casual gathering creates the birthplace of great ideas, creative thinking and collective study
Breakout zones – placed in the centre of the hub, the kitchen and chill out areas foster social interaction and allows students to grab a cool drink between sessions
Homebase zones – cluster workstations allow for independent learning and deep focus

We installed joinery, kitchenette benchtops and splashbacks, pinboards, collaborative booths, banquette seating, planter units, magnetic whiteboards and American Oak slatted feature walls.

Thank you Farindon Constructions and UNSW for the opportunity to be a part of the journey to educate tomorrow’s leaders!