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Cube Electric Sit-Stand


The Cube range of electric sit to stand workstations offers a sharp modern design along with the ergonomic advantages that are ever-growing in modern
workplaces. The Cube system includes a comprehensive range of height adjustable desk solutions to fit the unique needs of commercial offices in today’s
environment. Our sit-stand workstation solutions are available in multiple colors, sizes, and endless configurations. These workstations include an industry
standard electric motors and a fully functional control system.
The workstation bases are available stocked in two options; Mannex Black and Satin White. Custom powder coated options are available on request on
extended lead times. Power and data can be accommodated through integrated cable baskets, screens systems, and soft wiring kits depending on final
Height Adjustment Range 620mm – 1280mm High
Integrated cable management options available
Compatible with all screen and partition options
High strength and stability
Low noise ratings
Built-in safety features
Constant smooth movement with soft start/stop
Multiple control options with up to 4 programmable memory options
Plug and play controls and accessories


7 Years

Frame Finishes

White Satin
Mannex Black
Custom Powdercoated

Other Finishes

Worktop and screen finishes to client specification

Lead Time

4-6 Weeks

Screen Options

Echo Screens
18mm Frameless