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Onyx Planter Box


Onyx planter boxes are an essential addition to any office with matching Onyx tambour door units. Designed to mount to the top of any of our tambour door units, planters provide a chance to add a splash of colour and natural freshness to any office. Complete with a waterproof drip tray, they are suitable for live or artificial plants. Plants can be potted and placed in the 3 cut-outs to the top of the planter, or they can be planted directly in the planter with a coverboard over the pot-holes and stones spread over the top of the planter.


10 Years

Product Finishes

White Satin
Custom Powdercoated

Lead Time

4-6 Weeks


900mm Wide x 200mm High x 450mm Deep


Suitable for live or artificial plants
Suitable for use with pots


Live or artificial plants