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Our Impact

At Adaptive we understand the importance of environmental and sustainability goals in todays economic and social environment. As an Australian manufacturer, we have a
responsibility to implement environmental policies that will help make a difference for oncoming generations.
Wherever possible, renewable and recyclable materials are used in all our products. We are dedicated to sustainable design and development and are committed to making
environmentally sustainable products though manufacturing processes that are equally sustainable.

Energy Efficiency

Reducing Carbon Footprint and Resource Conservation
We have implemented several changes that have helped in this area including the installation of LED lighting to all factory and office areas, proactive installation of water saving facilities and appliances. Through our design services we promote energy efficient measures at the design stage through selection of materials, light fittings, appliances and sanitary facilities.


Renewable Energy

Installation of large solar energy plants to power our manufacturing facilities with our Wagga Wagga factory featuring a 140-kilowatt plant and our Sydney factory with 80-kilowatt plant. Plans are also in place for a further plant to our final factory in Melbourne.

Lean Manufacturing

Wast reduction / recycling

Adaptive has been active in researching and implementing process to reduce waste of any materials throughout the manufacturing process, and proactively re-using or recycling any waste we do have.
Continual implementation and improvement of our lean manufacturing principles has been very beneficial in reducing waste and ensuring it is re-used or recycled wherever possible.